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Smart phone or bike computer?  The options are growing.

A fundamental trouble shooting assistant, from maintenance to common repairs. By doing basic work yourself you'll save money, and understand your bike and how it works much better.
Includes a pre-ride safety check.
A cycling journal that will allow you to download data to a spreadsheet.
Programmable goals, instant charting of you performance. An excellent adjunct to your bike computer.
(Requires an additional sensor pick up device for your phone@ $149)
Picks up speed, , cadence, calculated power output, heart rate and more. Works with most HR straps.
This app seems to do more than one could possible ever need. Named "Best of Show at MacWorld 2010". Users reviews give it 5 stars. Definitely worth checking out!

Developed for road cyclists, Rendezvous is designed to help you set up and organize group rides. Invite riders and observe them on a map as they ride to the meeting point.
Will track performance in any sport through the phone GPS. Data is sent automatically to your online profile your your analysis and record keeping
Instant Heart Rate      $1.99
Turns yout iPhone into a real Heart Rate Monitor. Place the tip of your index finger on the IPhone camera and in a couple of seconds your Heart Rate will be displayed. Great to determine resting Heart Rate in the morning!
        GMC thanks Helen's Cycles for their support     
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